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Ambiguous Boundaries

29.03.2013 - 14.04.2013



Karen Alekyan

Karine Matsakyan

Mher Azatyan

Armen Ohanyan & Harout Tumaghyan

Gayane Yeghiazaryan

Arpine Tokmajyan

Curated by
Arpine Tokmajyan

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View of exposition in InteriorDAsein/Berlin

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The exhibited works focus on the question of how to establish and assert oneself in a world in which the value system is rapidly changing.

This exhibition is another version of “Ambiguous Boundaries” exhibition, which took place in January 2012 in Art Point Gallery (Kulturkontakt Austria) in Vienna. For details on Art Point Gallery website press: HERE

View of exposition with works by Karen Alekyan in Art Point Gallery, Vienna.

All presented artists lived part of their remembered lives during the Soviet era. Time in which art, culture, social life and almost everything else was ‘played’ according to scenarios dictated by the state. At that time, the boundaries were many, rigid and unambiguous.

However, the breakdown of the Communist system still did not bring the hoped-for freedom and stability – either in the economy, in culture, in the arts or in the academic and scientific world. Many problems that Armenia is facing today are universal for all post-Soviet countries, although the specifics and intensities vary: the weak free market economy, social instability, the absence of any system of values shaped within and by the country itself – a “closed space” in turmoil with many ambiguous boundaries. And it is not easy to find a starting point from which to exit this situation.

"On the other side of the fence" by Karen Alekyan is based on photographs of fences that Alekyan took in various regions of Armenia. From the point of view of the artist, it is symbolic that the building materials of the fences consist of remnants from the past: parts of products of Soviet industry.

Karine Matsakyan in her art work she presents the instability and ambiguity of a social order in which survival on an everyday basis is filled with difficulties, as well as the influence of that order on individuals in search of their role and their identity in an unshaped society.

Mher Azatyan’s free texts deal with private and collective human conditions. The phrases that he collected in public spaces, together with his own thoughts, are like separate private voices of individuals, and at the same time they collectively shape generalities that reflect the attitude of the artist and other people to the current situation in our society.

“Super Mario” by Armen Ohanyan & Harut Tumaghyan is an artistic attempt to present the post-soviet way done by Armenia using character of popular computer game hero. For pixels on the images of “Mario” the authors used photographs which are reflecting social-political processes of past 20 years in Armenia. This art work is based on the story of same name by Armen Ohanyan.

In her video work Gayane Yeghiazaryan is focusing on concept of freedom in personal aspect. In symbolic way she is showing endless efforts to overcome the circles of life, which is not giving any result.

Series of photographs by Arpine Tokmajyan are researching the position of “art” in new ambiguous value system.

Arpine Tokmajyan explains the show.