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Kevork George Kassabian

Introducing the show "Kevork George Kassabian. Selected Reflections"

Opening: Oktober 28. at 19.00, duration till November 6. in InteriorDAsein/Berlin

Opening hours: Saturday Oktober 29. from 15.00 till 20.00, Sunday Oktober 30. from 15.00 til 20.00
and by appointment. Closing event: November 6. from 16.00 till 21.00

Kevork George Kassabian is born in Aleppo, Syria, studied engineering and programming in Canada and graduated with a BA in Fine Arts from The University of Western Ontario. His exhibition participation starts 1968. Since 1973 he presents solo shows. Kevork George Kassabian gained numerous awards and erected several sculptures as commitment works in Canada and in Syria. Since 2003 he lives and works in the Republic of Armenia.

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Kevork Georg Kassabian in front of his painting from “Sculptural Relief Forms” series in his studio in Yerevan.


As both a trained artist and engineer my work is a merging of science and art.

Physicists try to explain the fundamental workings of the universe and artists do no less as they attempt to give us a glimpse of the indefinable infinite process of human expression and transcendence.

I have always been interested by themes of space, mass, volume. I am fascinated by materials; their composition, and the process of formation and transformation both natural and manufactured. I express myself through sculpture, volcanic rock, titanium, tantalum, copper plates, rivets, rebar and painted canvass.

Many of my sculptures are carved and shaped from volcanic basalt and tufa. These materials convey colours and textures that are warm and inviting and yet their history emerged from the timeless violent and creative process of earth formation.

Kevork Georg Kassabian in front of his drawings at "Selected Reflections" show in InteriorDAsein

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