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Mikael Ohanjanyan. EQUILIBRI

Opening: Friday 29th of November 19.00
Exhibition duration till 19th of January 2014
Closing event: Sunday 26th of January 2014

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Mikayel Ohanjanyan was born in Yerevan (Armenia) in 1976, attended the High School for Fine Arts and then the Academy of Fine Arts of Yerevan from 1991 to 2001. In 2005 he finished The Academy of Fine Arts of Florence, where he lives and works since then.

During his artistic activity he participated in various exhibitions both national and international, such as 12th International Architecture Exhibition–Biennale Venezia( 2010) and 54th International Art Exhibition Biennale di Venezia (2011). In the course of his artistic career he obtained some important recognitions and prizes. Among his most important achievements are: 1st Prize - Premio Targetti Light Art, Italia (2009), 1st Prize - MOVIN’UP 2006, Italia (2006), 1st Prize - II Biennale Internazionale d’Arte Contemporanea di Pavia, Italia (2003), 3rd Prize and Honorary Degree XIX e XX Premio Firenze (2001-02), 3rd Prize - XIII Biennale Internazionale di Scultura, Ravenna, Italia (1998).
The works of recent years are focused on the representation of the introverted dimension of the sculpture and the space where it highlights the contrast of the One with all its simplicity and complexity, the outside and inside, the static and dynamic, the strength and weakness... These relationships which, despite the apparent timelessness of the work, reflect the nuances of our society today, with their contradictions and tension.

"Eqilibri" is a special side-specific exposition of his plastics. First solo show in Germany

Prospettiva Introversa 4, 2011. Foto Andrea Messana 

Mikayel Ohanjanyan.

Plastic Elaborations 

Rare and as such precious, are those moments when - by means of silence,reflexion or estrangement due to the experience of a journey, physical or spiritual – one can allow to emerge sounds  and forms of those forces, internal or external, which persist in our daily lives. Often not perceptible, but still concrete they take form, in time and space, thus physical traces of our experience, and they transform them into action. 

By means of his opera Mikayel Ohanjanyan analyses and visualizes the forces and relationships that are imminent in the individual and in the society transforming fragments of chaos into constructions of momentary equilibrium. Those forces are in continuous mutability, often characterized by contradictory tensions, elements capable of challenging set rules and visions. Thus the cube - simple and modular form par excellence, equal to the human body, the Cube-Monade – now appears open and contracted in its structure by a series of fine threads that connect it with other internal unities; thus being incised – in its wholeness of solid matter – provoked by the attraction towards external elements. The historical, artistic and philosophical memory gives substance to the opera of the artist who continuously questions the acquired rules in order to thereby create new ones concerning concept and matter and all this with abstract sensibility and infinite poetry.

Ilaria Cicali, art historian and critic. Translation: Elke Christmann


Untitled , 2013, Iron, plaster, polyester thread. Foto Oliviero Santini

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