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Writing HAJQ

“Writing HAJQ. Contemporary Script Art From Armenia”

From of September till of October.

Fotos from the openings and workshops: HERE

Edik Ghabuzyan in the exhibition. Photo Archi Galentz

October 5th and 6th: workshop and discussion with Mr. Edik Ghabuzyan (Head of the Department of creating and saving of Armenian Fonts at the Armenian National Book Chamber of Armenia). You can also take part in a discussion on "Globalization, Unicode and identification in a virtual space." Moderated by Berlin based script expert Mr. Igor Zaidel. Workshops start at 16.00

InteriorDAsein/Berlin – an associate member of the Kolonie Wedding e.V ( and exhibition space with a special focus on countries of post-Soviet heritage, particularly the Caucasus Region – happily presents an exhibition and artist convention dedicated to Armenian alphabet, letter mysticism and fine script art.

The exhibition with photo documentations, rare book objects and artwork by Achot Achot, Silvina Der-Meguerditchian, Vazo, Edik Ghabuzyan, Naira Khachaturyan, Narine Zolyan,  Armen Vanetsyan, Archi Galentz, Sargis Antonian and others fathoms the role of unique Armenian alphabet and its relation to national identity.

The Armenian alphabet is a graphically unique script that has been used since 405 or 406 AD and was developed to underline and strengthen the independence of the nation. The new letters were used to translate the Bible in 434 AD. Since then the Armenian alphabet, that includes today as much as 39 letters, has become one of the main bases to consolidate the nation and form its  identity.  The Armenian Apostolic Church proclaimed it to be holy.

Many consider the Armenian alphabet to be a miracle, since the names of some chemical elements (metals known in ancient world such as: gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, lead and mercury) written in the Armenian language represent a numerical value as sum of the numerical values of each letter according to the position in Armenian alphabet.  That sum equals to the Atomic Number of the elements (gold 79, silver 47, tin 50) – a phenomenon that is impossible to explain rationally.

On Oktober 5th and 6th, InteriorDAsein/Berlin organizes a workshop giving an opportunity to talk to Armenian artist and curator Mr. Edik Ghabuzyan, who will be in Berlin on his way to Amsterdam. Mr. Edik Ghabuzyan will give a public talk on the current state of script arts and his experience as an artist and curator of the reputable festival of non-Latin scripts “Granshan”. Furthermore he will talk about methods of teaching graphic design and his work as Head of the Department of creating and saving of Armenian Fonts at the Armenian National Book Chamber of Armenia and will present Armenia based script artists. Among them are: Lilit Arshakyan, Armine Avakyan, Vahan Balasanyan, Hrachuhi Grigoryan, Vadz Ghazaryan, Grigor Hakopyan, Arno Kur, Armen Osipov, Sona Tovmosyan, Gagik Saroyan, Vardan Zakaryan.

InteriorDAsein/Berlin, located in Berlin, Wedding, is managed as an artist-run space. Since 2008, we have been operating as an independent civil-society platform facilitating intercultural conversation. We have presented over 20 curated exhibitions, readings, film screenings and artists’ conventions.

Special thanks to Valerie Engler, Hrajr Vanetsyan and Rose Eisen who helped us in realization of this project.



A poster by Edik Ghabuzyan

Miniature by Achot Achot


"HAJQ" by Archi Galentz

Invitation flyer  by Armen Vanetsyan

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