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Curated projects 7."Armenian Abstraction"/2015

"Armenian Abstraction, Subtile Conjunctions "
In Frames of German-Armenian cultural festival 2015.

An exposition view with works by U.S and Kanada based Armenian abstract artists

Fotos of the exhibition: HERE

Video from the opening speech by the curator of the show: HERE
Video from the closing event speech by the curator of the show: HERE

Opening May 8. at 19.00, duration till May 26. in the city gallery "Kulturhaus Karlshorst"

Curated by Archi Galentz.

The exhibition unites for the first time works by a number of abstract artists of Armenian descent living both in the Republic of Armenian and in diaspora. The core of the show is based on a collection of paintings and works on paper accessible since 2008 at InteriorDAsein/Berlin. Since 1995 Archi Galentz has been collecting works of his colleagues through exchange and purchase. Exhibiting internationally since 2000 in numerous group shows with Armenian artists living in the USA, France, Germany, Sweden and Russia, and organizing a series of solo shows by artists in Berlin has made it possible for Mr Galentz to observe the evolution of many artists. Looking back makes it possible to talk about a vital landscape of artists working in abstraction - a landscape built by ongoing research on the part of several generations of visual artists. They have been constantly inspired by a recognition of the masters of surrealism and abstraction of Armenian descent such as Arshil Gorky or Levon Toutoundian.

The collection of InteriorDAsein was partially selected for exhibition during 2004 and 2005 at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Skopje, Macedonia, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade, Serbia and the City Museum in Helsinki, Finland. In these exhibitions, the seeking of a adequate space for the subtle and small scaled artworks was of main curatorial interest. The exhibition in Berlin allows viewers to compare numerous artistic positions gathered in a common style. Contemporary Armenian abstraction is a phenomenon of visual art that is unique on a post-Soviet geography and could be compared in its importance with other phenomenons of national culture such as the so-called "golden age of painting" of the 1960s, or the still relatively unknown aspect of Armenian Surrealism of the 1970s.

This exhibition presents the question of national affiliation and tradition using the language of this visual form, and asks for the aesthetic boarders of abstract visuality, as many works
balance on the boundaries of sculpture and object, surrealist formal qualities and distinct all-over structures; on the edge of personal gesture and religious meditation, or between manifestations of spiritual freedom and minimalistic fields. The exhibition will also serve to search for influences and will try articulate general characteristics.

To introduce this diverse landscape of visual expression, works included in private collections from France, Armenia and Germany are invited to participate. The artists that could not be represented with actual works will be included via reproductions presented on a separate day, when a special lecture about Armenian abstraction as a phenomenon of transition will be presented to the public. InteriorDAsein has organized solo presentations of several Armenian abstract working artists; as a result, more of them have been included in group shows. The exhibition at "Kulturhaus Karlshorst" does not claim to be a complete representation of a style or school, but instead aims first of all to increase awareness of serious research by scholars and to inspire interested artists by deeper contextualization.

Paintings, drawings, etchings, paperworks, sculpture and objects of the following artists are included:

Harutyun Kalentz (1910 West Armenia (Türkei) - 1967 Armenia (USSR)),

KIKI (Grigor Mikayelyan, 1956 Armenia (USSR) – lives in the USA ),

Vahan Rumelyan (1963 Armenia (USSR) - lives in the Republic of Armenia),

Armen Roch (1955 Armenia (USSR) - lives in France),

Sev (Henrik Khachatryan, 1960 Armenia (USSR) - lives in the USA),

Leo Leo (Levon Vardanyan, 1971 Armenia (USSR) - lives in the Republic of Armenia),

Narek Avetissyan (1968 Armenia (USSR) - lives in the Republic of Armenia),

Offenbach (Grigor Gyulezyan, 1956 Armenia (USSR) - lives in Russia),

Samvel Baghdasaryan (1956 Armenia (USSR) - lives in the Republic of Armenia),

Sam Grigoryan (1957 Armenia (USSR) - lives inGermany),

Saro Galentz (1946 Armenia (USSR) - lives in the Republic of Armenia),
Vardges Badalyan (1957 Armenia (USSR) - 2005 Republic of Armenia),

Arpine Tokmadjyan (1976 Armenia (USSR) - lives in the Republic of Armenia),
Narine Zolyan (1957 Armenia (USSR) - lives inGermany),

Silvina Der- Meguerditchian (1967 Argentina - lives inGermany),

Sirak Melkonyan (1931 Iran - lives in Canada),

Arshak Nazaryan (1961 Armenia (USSR) - lives in the USA),

Gegham Kacheryan (1961 Armenia (USSR) - lives in the USA),

Achot Ashot (Ashot Ghazaryan, 1961 Armenia (USSR) - lebt in Frankreich),

M’Karo (Karo Mkrtchyan, 1961 Armenia (USSR) - lives in Sweden ),

Hamlet Hovsepyan (1950 Armenia (USSR) - lives in the Republic of Armenia),

Vazo (Vazgen Pahlavuni-Tadevosyan, 1955 Armenia (USSR) - lives in France),
Narine Isadjanian (Mid 70ies  in Armenia (USSR) - lives in the USA),
Kevork Kassabian (1942 Syria - lives in the Republic of Armenia),

Mikayel Ohandjanyan (1976 Armenia (USSR) - lives in Italy),

Archi Galentz (1971 Russia (USSR) – lives in Germany),

Armen Vanetsyan (1979 Armenia (USSR) - lives in Germany),

David Kareyan (1973 Armenia (USSR) - 2011 Republic of Armenia),

Gagik Charchyan (Armenia (USSR) - lives in the Republic of Armenia).

In gratitude to the following collectors, who shared their works: Professor Klaus Fussman, Doctor Girajr Khoucharian, Doctor Elke Hartmann, Mr.Stepan Gantralyan, Mr. Manfred Gräsing.

The exposition is open to the public in an exhibition hall of Karlshorst district of Berlin “Kulturhaus Karlshorst”.  Tuesday to Saturday 11-19 and Sunday 14-18.

Adress: Treskowallee 112, 10318 Berlin